Dr Ben is at the top of his field – Experience it!
-Blake M.

Excellent care! No other chiropractors have I come out of the office feeling as good. AWC rates top in my book!
-Brent B.

Dr Ben is the absolute best! He has been taking care of mine and my husbands chiropractic needs for years.
-Heather B.

Best care ever! Dr Ben is just the best and our number one go-too. He keeps the Ballard’s up and running! Thanks Dr B
-Marla B.

Dr. Ben has been a blessing in my life! His chiropractic treatments have helped heal my chronic pains. He is very educated in the human anatomy and able to identify the core cause of any unbalance and provide therapy that fixes the issue and brings long-lasting health and comfort.
-Lydia R.

I’ve had 10 surgeries and have more metal in my back than the Terminator. Without Dr. Ben and the Alexandria Wellness Center I could not live my active lifestyle. I run 80+ miles a month, hike, camp, hunt and fish. Dr Ben customizes my treatment plan to help me achieve my goals. He truly listens and cares about reducing your pain and making you feel better. Thanks Dr Ben!
-Bill S.

I was referred to Dr. Ben by a friend after suffering some major nerve pain. A general practitioner wasn’t able to see me for nearly two weeks and considering the referrals process and health insurance, I was looking at getting in to a specialist a lot further out than I was willing to endure. A sports medicine physician with whom I’m friends mentioned I may have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, so I called Dr. Ben yesterday and was able to get in this morning. Although I’ve received chiropractic care in the past, he was extremely thorough in his explanation of services, diagnosis, and treatment (and yes, I do have TOS). I received STEM therapy, deep tissue massage, and stretching, plus homework, and scheduled two more appointments for next week.

It’s now been almost 12 hours since my appointment, and I’m at around 25-50% pain that I was at last night (which was easily some of the most pain I’ve been in). I am, of course, beyond pleased and can’t wait for the followup appointments, plus future adjustments as needed for other chronic pain issues from which I suffer. I highly recommend Dr. Ben!
-Mary N.