Dr. Benjamin Hopsicker

Dr. Benjamin Hopsicker (Dr. Ben) is a Chiropractor in Alexandria, VA, serving Alexandria, Kingstowne, Franconia, Springfield and the surrounding communities.

Originally from Norwood, NY (so far north he’s almost Canadian), Dr. Hopsicker has been living and practicing in the NOVA region for 5 years. He first became interested in becoming a Chiropractor after seeing the relief that his Father had when he got adjusted, and was fortunate enough to be able to shadow his mentor through a school sponsored program. At age 17, he discovered that the body is incredibly capable of repairing itself and maintaining its own healthy balance through the power of the nervous system.

A graduate of Keuka College with a bachelors science, Dr. Ben’s undergraduate education really focused on understanding how the cells of the body functions in concert with the greater whole. His graduate studies were performed at New York Chiropractic college, where he graduated cum laude. The learning experience at NYCC made him even more appreciate the miraculous power of the human body and its ability to maintain itself in the harsh world we live in.

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