The primary goal at Alexandria Wellness Center is to help you achieve your health goals and effectively manage any health care concerns you may have. Chiropractic is a holistic health care option, which focuses on helping to manage the causative factors of pain and disease, not just the symptoms. When we are healthy, our body is effectively able to perceive and react accordingly to physical, chemical and emotional stress. As such, care with Dr. Benjamin Hopsicker focuses on the following factors to help you to be at your best:

Physical stress management

Whether as a result of a sudden new injury or chronic poor postures, pain and illness is frequently generated with improper management of physical stress. Some of the most regular parts of our daily life (cars, computers, phones etc.) encourage poor habits with how we move and interact with our world. Dr. Hopsicker will spend time working with muscles and joints, both hands on and with rehabilitative exercise to reduce any active concerns you may have. Home instruction will also be provided, to ensure future recurrence of injury is reduced.

Chemical stress management

Poor nutritional and environmental factors frequently contribute directly to our health care concerns. Maintaining a healthy balance with our chemical environment is more than just nutrition, it is also our exercise and lifestyle habits. As part of the process of care at Alexandria Wellness Center, Dr. Hopsicker will discuss some of the most common causes of chemical stress, and can provide strategies and resources to help maximize your potential.

Emotional stress management

Life in the DMV is stressful! A significant part of the reason that Dr. Hopsicker wanted to practice his style of chiropractic in the Kingstowne, Lorton, Alexandria region is to help to alleviate some of that inherent stress. By discussing lifestyle options like purposeful exercise, healthy sleep habits and meditative breathing, the negative consequences of excessive emotional stress can be mitigated effectively.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Fundamental to the practice of Chiropractic is the treatment and management of the nervous system. Dr. Hopsicker practices several different adjusting techniques, including diversified, Thompson drop and activator instrument techniques to help reduce interference and dysfunction with the nervous system. Every patient is assessed and treated on a specific case by case basis, and techniques are adapted to your comfort level, so you can have the best experience possible with care.

Dr. Ben is happy to answer any questions you may have about the process of care, and would be happy to schedule a consultation at your convenience! Please call at 703-347-7530 to learn more.